What type of Insulation is the Best?

There are three types of insulation that are being used in today’s market. The well informed homeowner understands there are pros and cons of each of them and here’s what they are:

Settling:  Most insulation settles and since it settles, it means you will have a lower R-value.  (R-value refers to resistance to temperature changes.  The lower the R-value, the lower the insulting benefit.)

Moisture Buildup: When some products become damp, due to improper ventilation or ice damming, mold can develop on it if it is a natural product.

Here are the types of insulation people are putting in their attics and wall cavities:

Foam:  This is a very durable product, but it is also somewhat expensive.  Most insulation companies are not offering it as it is somewhat unpredictable how much the foam will expand.

Fiberglass:  Quickly becoming the industry standard, fiberglass has great insulation properties but some of the products out there settle and create a lot of itching if you ever need to access your attic.  On the plus side, there are new technologies out there that use long fiber fiberglass instead of short fiber.  The longer fibers have a better R-value and this product doesn’t settle.

Cellulose:  Effectively this is ground up, recycled paper which, from an environmental perspective, is a plus.  The biggest problem with this product is that it settles fairly significantly.

Denim:  Ground up blue jean material is putting a layer of ground up fabric across the entire attic.  Although it is a recycled product, it tends to be a little pricey.

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