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Where Building Science meets Home Improvement

We take a scientific approach to energy efficiency, water management and overall building sciences. By eliminating the guess work, we can save you thousands of dollars.

Why Energy Masters?





If we can't solve your home improvement problem, we won't try to sell you something you don't need. Everything we do is driven by pride and ethics -- pride in the work we do and our work with our customers, and ethics proven by how we help people, even if that help sometimes means telling a customer they don't need our services.

Qualified Experts

Jim is ventilation certified, experienced in flood water management and construction techniques. Our crews are the best at what we do.

Factory Direct

By selling factory direct and keeping our overhead low, we provide you with the lowest price for the best quality.


Locally Owned

A Small and family owned company based out of Wisconsin, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service.

Our midwestern values guide how we do all your home improvement projects with a precise with an eye for quality.

If you want someone who will listen to your needs and take the time to give honest answers, give us a call. We'll be honest and tell you if it's not broke, don't fix it.

wisconsin energy masters jim

This is Jim.
He's the owner of Energy Masters. He's the guy who will stop by your house.

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Glass Block Windows 101

March 1, 2021
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Choosing to install Glass Block windows is a great way to subtly improve your room but it should be done with planning and a solid understanding of what you hope to accomplish with what could transform into a new space in your home. A properly installed window tends to brighten up the room while also keeping…

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Where Should a Shingle be Nailed?

December 28, 2020
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The nailing zone is manufacturer require nailing area just below the center of the shingles.  Manufacturers have specific instructions for installation companies and usually it gives about 3/4″ to work with in order to optimize the gripping power that the nails will have to hold down the shingle.  But it is not the nailing zone…

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Building Better

December 17, 2020
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If you’re the type of person who likes to improve yourself or your projects each time you do one, you’ll appreciate our approach.  Building Better explains how we do things — every project, like every class or seminar, is an opportunity to improve.  We ask ourselves, how could this have been done better? Decades of…

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Why is my soffit hanging down or drooping?

November 2, 2020
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Common reasons for drooping soffit are inadequate fasteners or fasteners that have nothing to grip ont o them because the wood which was to hold them on has rotted. This can be caused by several things. Improper gutter flashing:  Gutter flashing is critical to prevent water from getting behind the gutter and running along the…

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Don – Milwaukee, WI

Great Service! I couldn’t be happier with the window and the guys craftsmanship. I will definitely be using them again.

John and Rebecca – Bay View, WI

Very professional. Extremely clean about how they worked, which I greatly appreciated. We would definitely hire them again for all our future roofing/siding needs.

Rebecca – Racine, WI

My new windows are gorgeous! I had just purchased my house when I noticed that I was in need of 5 new windows, including the replacement of the large window in the living room. Jim worked with me to select replacement windows that would work with my house, including a three panel slider where the…

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